Common Law Relationships

It's not simply about "X" amount of time together

Kelowna Common Law Relations Lawyer

"There is  a common misconception that after 'X' period of months/years together, that you are considered married for all legal purposes. This is not correct", says William T. Clarke. There is specific law regarding each and every aspect of the relationship.  For instance, there are certain time limitations for spousal support, which are entirely different from child support.  If you miss the time limitation, you may not get the support you are entitled to!

In some respects common-law style marriage relationships are much more complicated to deal with, as the law is not settled regarding the division of assets and liabilities.  From financial considerations such as loans and mortgages, to vehicles and property, the specific circumstances of your case will dictate the outcome. Certainly, legal advice is essential, and this is what our court system is designed to resolve.

At the Courtyard Law Offices, we have encountered situations like yours in the past, and know how to deal with them effectively and efficiently.  We can make a difference in your life, because there is “Open Road ahead.”

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